The Lighting Education Institute is exclusively dedicated to professional lighting education. Founded by Craig A. Bernecker, who developed and directed the highly-regarded lighting program at Penn State University, The Lighting Education Institute's goal is to bring that same quality of education directly to the building industry to enhance the abilities of practicing professionals and to better prepare those who are entering the profession. The Lighting Education Institute provides regular classes in which individuals can enroll, but also tailors lighting education programs to the specific needs of a group or company. It can also provide education consulting services, helping organizations to define their lighting education needs and the best means of addressing those needs.


LEI classes cover content areas that will benefit architects, interior designers, lighting designers, landscape architects, engineers, electrical distributors, utility personnel, marketing and sales representatives, building owners and facility managers, and any others involved in the lighting or building industries.  Classes are offered to address both basic knowledge and cutting-edge information, as well as specific applications. Both basic and specialized classes are generally delivered in an fully interactive online format over a several week period, enabling participants to learn lighting from any location and minimizing travel and time away from work.  Interactive web seminars are supplemented by a dedicated web site for each class, providing access to class materials and resources as well as an interactive forum to facilitate discussion between web seminars. Continuing education units are available and certificates are awarded for completion of classes. See Classes for more information on specific classes being offered.


The Lighting Education Institute prides itself on its ability to help assess the lighting education needs of a company or organization and develop a customized lighting education program to meet those needs. These programs can be delivered through a variety of means, including internet-based learning systems. See Programs to learn more about these opportunities.


The Lighting Education Institute can also provide consulting services in the form of planning your own lighting education programs or educational facility, or assisting with special design issues or difficult problems.  See Consulting for more information on this capability.